Opening times

Boarding is available all year round.

Pick-ups and drop-offs

We are open 7 days a week between 10am-11am and 5pm-6pm for pick-ups and drop-offs. Please contact us in advance to arrange your pick-up and drop-off.


We are closed for drop-offs and pick-ups on public holidays. Your cat will still receive the attention he/she is used to.

The cattery will be closed annually from 1st November and re-open at 10am on 1st December.

Booking for the weekend and for holidays

All long weekends are a minimum of 3 nights.

Easter must include Thursday until Monday for a minimum of 5 nights.

Christmas must be 23rd December to 2nd January for a minimum of 10 nights.

Please note: there is a non-refundable deposit payable for both Easter and Christmas stays.